Course Overview

Overview - Business Etiquette & Success

A certain level of etiquette and manners in business is essential to success. There are important things to say and do. These things determine how others see you.

Why Business Etiquette is So Important

There are many reasons why business etiquette is vitally important to organizations and people in business. Here are some of them:

  • First impressions count
  • Starting off on the right foot show you’re truly professional
  • Good etiquette gives you confidence
  • If you know how to act you’ll approach any situation confidently
  • Business manners show that you’re the real deal
  • You set yourself apart from those without proper etiquette
  • Good business manners make others feel comfortable with you
  • You set people at ease when you know how to act appropriately in different situations
  • You can avoid "accidental" insults
  • Practicing good manners allows you to prevent a faux pas
  • It enhance your networking skills even if you're introverted
  • Ensure smooth interaction and boost networking efforts even if you don't like networking
  • Ensures your staff are properly trained and communicate professionalism
  • It allows you to implement training throughout your organization to boost efficacy
  • It allows you to adjust to different cultures
  • It sets a foundation you can adapt to different cultures in business

...and these aren't all the great benefits of business etiquette.

Applicable to Any Field or Industry

Expect these benefits in any field when practicing good etiquette.

You probably are already aware of the fact that with the rise of more casual working practices the side effect has been a steady decline recently in workplace professionalism. This is partly due to businesses functioning more online and the time it's taking to adjust for many people.

Factors That Impact Your Etiquette

Business manners show in everything you do, such as:

  • Verbal communication
  • Body language
  • Written communication
  • Internal communication
  • Social events
  • Cultural awareness
  • Generational awareness
  • Individual communication styles
  • Communicate respect towards others
  • Engender trust and show professionalism
  • Being aware that others will judge you on these factors

Learning Objectives

Here ares some of the leaning objectives of this course:

  • Recognize the importance of etiquette today
  • Introduce yourself concisely and confidently
  • Use the appropriate forms of written communication
  • Communicate effectively on live calls
  • Participate in meetings showing the value you add
  • Attend events appropriately and comfortably
  • Be prepared to dress appropriately for business situations
  • ...and much more!

It's time to hone your business etiquette and communication skills to excel in any business situation you find yourself!

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